Go Ask Your Mother

Kids and Their Innate Ability to Make Parents Feel Like Dirt-bags

For the last few weeks, one of my sons has been waking up early, way too early, 3:30 in the morning-early, and then begging to sleep in bed with my husband and I.  I love the cuddles and truthfully, I don’t know how long any of my kids will continue to want to crawl into bed with us, so I’ve allowed it to happen.  Well now, it’s become a nightly habit.  

At 3:30 this morning he went off like an alarm in his bedroom, screaming for Mommy.  I was exhausted and in that moment of frustration decided that I was going to put my foot down.  My little bug was going to sleep in his bed until the sun came up. I cradled him in his bed for a few short minutes, told him it was way too early to be awake, kissed his forehead and walked out of the room.  I was shocked I made it out of the door before he began to cry again.  I felt like a deadbeat as I laid back in bed for not bringing him with me and was about to go and get him, chastising myself for being such a mean mother, when the crying stopped.  

A short hour and a half later, I awoke to my real alarm clock.  After a few careless hits of the snooze button, I finally rose out of bed only to have my heart hit the floor.  There, out in the hallway, just beyond our door, was a pile of blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and my son’s tiny body, curled atop his makeshift bed like a puppy.   

I. Am. A. Dirt-bag.

I don’t know that there could have been a more pathetic scene.  He knew the boundary.  I’d told him he could not sleep in our bed tonight, and he listened, and it just about broke my heart. Ugh…the mind-games of parenthood…